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10 surprising multicultural celebrities

10 surprising multicultural celebrities

You can’t always tell everything about a person just by the way they look. Here are a few celebrities that you would be surprised to learn are multicultural.

1. Steve Jobs – He will go down in history as the founder of Apple, but did you know that his biological father was Syrian?

Steve Jobs

2. Ne Yo – His grandmother was Chinese, which makes him one quarter Chinese.

ne yo










3. Keanu Reeves – Believe it or not, he is one quarter Chinese and one quarter Polynesian.

Keanu Reeves










4. Vanessa Hudgens – This actress is much more than what meets the eye. She comes from Native American, Spanish, Filipino, Irish and Chinese descent.

Vanessa Hudgens










5. Jennifer Lawrence – The star of The Hunger Games movies is from and English, German, Scottish and Irish ancestry.

Jennifer Lawrence










6. Beyoncé – She is a chart-topper who is hotter than hot right now in the music world and according to Wikipedia, she is of African-American and Louisiana Creole descent, including African, Native American, French, and 1/16th Irish, ancestry.











7. Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) – This action movie star is from African-Canadian and Samoan descent.

The Rock










8. Mariah Carey-This well-known diva is from African American and Venezuelan (including Afro-Venezuelan) ancestry.

Mariah Carey










9. Vin Diesel– He is another famous action movie hunk, and he is of African-American, Scottish, English and German descent.

Vin Diesel










10.  Fred Armisan – The hilarious comedian is from a Venezuelan, German and Japanese ancestry.

Fred Armisen











Who did we miss?  Tell us some of your surprising multicultural celebrities in the comments below!

By: Courtney Deuschle

Courtney Deuschle was born and raised in Colorado. Although her biggest move was just across town, she has left her footprint in many countries all over the world. As she grew up and found her identity, she developed a passion for two things: writing and traveling. As a world traveler, Courtney has an open mind and she loves to learn and experience different cultures that are completely different from her own. On the outside, people see a blonde haired, blue eyed, American girl, but they don’t know about the experiences she cherishes the most that have shaped her into the person she is today. Courtney plans to continue traveling for the rest of her life, and even sees herself living in another country someday.