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Chris O’Shaughnessy: Empathy in the Global Life

With every new technological development, we get closer to a common global lifestyle. Maybe not all of us are TCKs or have any plans to ex-patriate any time soon, but new advances in communication and social media are evolving our landscape into one that reaches across the world. You can tweet, friend or Skype anyone in nearly any country, and a wealth of knowledge about every culture is a Google search away.

Despite these advances, these inventions designed to connect us to each other, Third Culture expert and animated speaker Christopher O’Shaughnessy noticed a recorded decline in general empathy worldwide – a head-scratcher considering how easily we throw around the words “friend” and “community” and even “social network.” O’Shaughnessy believes the TCK/Ex-Pat experience provides an answer for our globally-inclined social landscape.

In this video, compiled from O’Shaughnessy’s keynote speech at the Families in Global Transition Conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands, O’Shaughnessy really tugs at our heart strings – and highlights what we can do to truly connect on a deeper level.

Find out more about Christopher O’Shaughnessy on his website.

By: kelsey hatcher

Kelsey Hatcher is a video professional and content coordinator for CULTURS. An Alabamian, a Coloradoan, a would-be world traveler - let's just say it's complicated.