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CULTURStv: ‘Being Gray:’ A liminal identity explored through art: Part 2

Culturs TV continues with the second part of a three-part series in a conversation with Grace Stamps on her artwork that uncovers what she feels is her own created identity.

This way of defining identity is extremely relevant to Culturs because on the international level, or being TCKs, global nomads, multiethnic or multiracial, we can identify with living in shades of gray.

Stamps said she used a lot of color in her paintings to try and bring vibrancy to the image to embody the energy that the specific culture finds within the scene of the image. She paints herself in gray to show that she doesn’t identify with everything the image represents for that culture.

In her paintings, Stamps takes an image that represents something for a specific cultural group and dissects it to represent many different layers. For instance, in her painting she takes an image of a girl getting milk poured over her eyes to heal the burn from the tear gas in Ferguson. She then painted the arm holding the girl down in red to suggest a violent theme; the purpose of this is to address the issues within the images.

In her second painting, she also paints herself as gray but decides to take herself out of the third piece and instead suggesting white space to communicate that she also finds confusion in identifying with the original image.

In the third and final episode in this three-part series, Culturs will talk with Stamps about her original goal in painting this piece and what we can expect from her in the future.

By: Samantha Malpiedi

Samantha Malpiedi is a columnist for Culturs and is especially interested in current issues around the world that affect people and the way they make their livelihoods. Her cultural awareness education began at age fifteen when she traveled to five different countries including parts of Europe, Mexico and Kenya and ended in her time spent living in Chile at age 21. From these experiences she developed her love for travel and the appreciation for culture. As a duo-language speaker, she thrives in environments where communication spans cultures. Never complacent to stay in one place, her articles will interest anyone that might resonate with a restless nomad, hungry for a taste of travel.