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Emma Watson: actress, environmentalist; TCK

Emma Watson, British actress/model

Emma Watson: British actress/model

Emma Watson has been a trending celebrity in the news lately because of a few new projects she is working on. She was born in Paris, and lived there until the age of five. Following her parents’ divorce, she moved to Oxfordshire, England with her mother, and often visited her father in London. As a TCK, she knew she wanted to be an actress at the early age of six, and pursued that dream by performing in several productions while attending a few different schools before landing her debut role in the Harry Potter films.

The English actress/model will always be known world-wide for her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies, but her career didn’t end after the series. She has been in several other movies since her debut, including her most recent role in the new movie Noah. This is a darker role for Watson, and her fans are anxious to see her performance in the highly anticipated film. Watch the trailer at the bottom of the page and you will understand why.

Another recent project that Watson has pursued is in an effort benefit the environment. Tuesday, April 22nd, was Earth Day and in honor of Earth Day, Watson pledged to go green.   According to perezhilton, she launched her own sustainable clothing line called “People Tree.” Watson also made an “eco-chic” line in collaboration with Alberta Ferretti. Click HERE to see 24 other celebrities who have pledged to go green in honor of Earth Day.


By: Courtney Deuschle

Courtney Deuschle was born and raised in Colorado. Although her biggest move was just across town, she has left her footprint in many countries all over the world. As she grew up and found her identity, she developed a passion for two things: writing and traveling. As a world traveler, Courtney has an open mind and she loves to learn and experience different cultures that are completely different from her own. On the outside, people see a blonde haired, blue eyed, American girl, but they don’t know about the experiences she cherishes the most that have shaped her into the person she is today. Courtney plans to continue traveling for the rest of her life, and even sees herself living in another country someday.