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Experience St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland

st patricks day 2Spring is right around the corner! That means more sunshine, flowers blooming and the color green as far as the eye can see. When most people think of the word “green” it’s most associated with money, but as soon as March comes along three little words give the word a whole new meaning; St. Patrick’s Day.

four leaf cloverThat’s right, St. Patrick’s Day falls on March 17 of every year, due to the anniversary of St. Patrick’s death. St. Patrick was actually a Roman boy who was enslaved by the Irish and eventually helped introduce Christianity as the prevalent religion to Ireland.

The reason that the four-leaf clover is looked upon as a symbol of St. Patrick’s Day is all because of St. Patrick. There is a legend that states that St. Patrick used the clover as an example to explain the Holy Trinity while converting a pagan Irish king.

st patricks day

Now that you know the history behind the holiday, to be able to best experience the celebration Ireland is the place to go. More specifically Dublin, Ireland. The St. Patrick’s Day Festival is held in Dublin every year and is celebrated as the country’s most extravagant holiday. This year it is being held from March 14-17.

Along with the festival, the St. Patrick’s Day Parade is the time to see everyone dressed in their best green attire and proudly sporting the Irish flag.

st patricks day `While getting to celebrate and party is a large part of the holiday, it’s only part of it. Another reason to visit Ireland during St. Patrick’s Day is all about the beer. If there is one country that takes drinking seriously, it would be Ireland.         Not only will the beer be green, in spirit of the holiday, it will also be some of the best beer that can be found in the world.

Another festival that celebrates the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day would be the Irish Beer and Whiskey Festival. This festival is the one to participate if you want to experience everything Irish including beer, cider, whiskey, food, entertainment and more.

So come March 17 put on your lucky green shirt, grab a group of friends and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day like they do in Ireland: with pubs, parades and partying.

By: lnorris26

Having a passion for media and writing since she can remember, Norris worked towards a double major in Journalism and communication. She enjoys traveling and discovering new cultures and hopes to use that in her career.