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Rio de Janeiro

The Summer Olympics are to be held in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 and although more than two years out, the idea is exciting to many. More information on the games can be found HERE. Rio is known for its beautiful people and its beautiful landscapes, so to help get you excited for the 2016 Olympics, here is a gallery of the colorful Rio de Janeiro.

Visual storytellers Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg have traveled to Rio, and through photography, share the beauty of Brazil with the world.“We spent the afternoons laying on the beach, watching a world of men and women go by who are so comfortable in their skin no matter what the color, shape or size…I was inspired to love my body a little more and let go of all the details.

The people of Rio just enjoy life and enjoy being. Men would walk by selling shrimp and lime, corn, watermelon slices, bikinis, and a variety of fresh fruit drinks. We walked along the beach, kicking back soccer balls with the locals and drinking fresh coconut juice cut open for you moments before. One of the people we met in Rio de Janeiro said he walks to Ipanema Beach every evening to watch the sunset, an experience I would recommend over anything else; it was an urban paradise.”

From Ann Street Studio, photographers Beck and Burg offer many more beautiful images on their website found by clicking Here.

By: Stefan Rodriguez

Photographer Stefan Rodriguez is a bi-cultural student with a father from Colombia and a mother from North America. Stefan enjoys producing and editing creative automotive and portrait photography as a free-lance photographer. Also as a Communication Studies student at Colorado State University, Rodriguez hopes to bring a unique perspective to the Culturs team. Contact Stefan at Stefanrodriguez.zenfolio.com


  1. CULTURS says:

    Fabulous gallery images Stefan!

  2. Nathalie Martinez says:

    Amazing pictures that capture Rio’s essence!

  3. Lauren Norris says:

    The pictures are absolutely stunning! They make me want to take a trio to Rio so that I can experience it all for myself! 

  4. dorth says:

    Always been a little skeptical of traveling to Rio, these pictures are making me rethink that very strongly!!!

  5. jlindblom says:

    Awesome photos! I’ve never really made it out of the States myself.. but I feel like I cans smell the food you captured from here! Thanks for sharing! YUM! Also, some of the environment there looks captivating. Maybe, one day I’ll find myself in Rio.

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