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Tangier: The Entrance to Morocco

Tangier is a port city of Morocco. Over the years the city has experienced a lot of change, especially with an increase in tourism and progress with women’s rights. The journey starts with the port city of Tarifa, where many people cross over to Morocco by ferry. To learn more about the city, scroll through the pictures and their captions below.


Passengers wait for a ferry to take them from Tariffa, Spain to Tangier, Morocco where the ruins of an old fortress sits in the distance. (Photo Credit: Anna Groeling).


After going through security and checking passports, people board a ferry to cross the Strait of Gibraltar (Photo Credit: Anna Groeling).


Europe (right) and Africa (left) can be seen together in the horizon from the ferry’s top deck when crossing the Strait (Photo Credit: Anna Groeling).


A Moroccan flag greets visitors to the country (Photo Credit: Anna Groeling).


Graffiti can be seen around the city, such as the one pictured that announces the Tangier border (Photo Credit: Anna Groeling).


This women’s association in Tangier, Morocco serves lunches and leads workshops for women valuable skills. Some workshops include computer programming to help prepare women to find occupations, as well as providing shelter for women in need. During the day, it serves lunch to the public (Photo Credit: Anna Groeling).


From the roof of the women’s association building, Spain can still be seen across the Strait of Gibraltar (Photo Credit: Anna Groeling).


A group of camels wait for their next ride along the beach. The legendary Cave of Hercules is located nearby, which is also popular with tourists (Photo Credit: Anna Groeling).


The Rif mountains in northern Morocco are outside of Tangier, Morocco (Photo Credit: Anna Groeling).


Walking through the streets and markets of Morocco, a man buys apples from a vendor (Photo Credit: Anna Groeling).

By: Anna Groeling

Anna Groeling, a Colorado native, studied Journalism & Communications at .She corresponded for Culturs in Granada, Spain to solidify Spanish minor. Follow her as she writes about Spain, health and her personal experiences abroad.

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