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INFOGRAPHIC: A Look at Video Game Revenue Worldwide

At this point, we’ve all seen the stats. What are the best games of all time? How old is the average gamer? What percentage of gamers are women? What types of games are played online? These stats come out yearly, especially in America.

However, the statistic that seems to be missing is where the video game industry’s money is generated. The infographic below takes a look at specific countries and regions and details how much money they generated for the video game industry in 2013.

infographic for video game revenue



“Video game industry,” Video Game Sales Wiki, bit.ly/1je5diU

Vector images by Pizabay

By: Marissa Isgreen

Marissa is from a small rural town in Colorado, just waiting for the chance to travel and experience the world. She's attending Colorado State University to obtain her journalism degree and political science minor. She loves horses, cheers on the Broncos, and wants to retire in Lo De Marcos, Nayarit Mexico.