Embracing Liminal Identity : Uncovering Hidden Diversity : Celebrating Cultural Mobility

My Liminal Life: An Artist Decodes a Biracial Identity

Grace grew up trying to balance between her black and white identities. She struggled to find an answer from her family and community, who could only see her as black or white, never both at the same time. She turned to art to figure herself out, and has a series of paintings dedicated to resolving her confusion with being biracial.

Grace is a visual artist, illustrator, and graphic designer. See more of her work here.


My Liminal Life is a series focusing on the various forms a liminal (or in-between) identity can take. It explores the challenges of a liminal life through intimate stories of culturally or racially blended people, and the ways they have reconciled their complicated heritages. 

By: kelsey hatcher

Kelsey Hatcher is a video professional and content coordinator for CULTURS. An Alabamian, a Coloradoan, a would-be world traveler - let's just say it's complicated.