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Part II of III: Marriage equality around the world


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Marriage equality politics plays a part around the whole world but more recently, some statements have come out about marriage equality politics surrounding the United States.

“Do you know of any society, prior to the Netherlands in 2001, that permitted same-sex marriage?” From the New York times, this statement came out during the Supreme Court debate in April that conflicted on whether to make marriage equality a legal reality.

Marriage equality is having such a hard time with becoming a reality for countries because it is such a radical idea that has taken most people by surprise.

Many people were surprised last week by Democratic presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Her views on immigration “must include “a path to full and equal citizenship.” This means that immigrants deserve marriage equality as well.


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Marriage equality is sparking interests in corporate sections of America as well. Walmart C.E.O. Doug McMillon issued a statement last month in response to the Indiana legislation that allowed businesses to deny service to the queer community. “Every day, in our stores,” he wrote, “we see firsthand the benefits diversity and inclusion have on our associates, customers and communities we serve.”





In Part I of this article series we viewed how marriage equality looks around the world but I wanted to bring the focus point to a single country.

The United States in relation to marriage equality has gone through many different phases. In the video below from CNN, you can see a quick three-minute clip on the topic.




82% opposed gay marriage in 1982 but in 2014 only 40% were against gay marriage, according to a study from the Pew Research Center.

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