Embracing Liminal Identity : Uncovering Hidden Diversity : Celebrating Cultural Mobility

As the first launch stage leading up to the brick-and-mortar launch of the Colorado State University’s Institute for Global Culture Research, Culturs also brings products created for and/or created by culturally-mobile individuals.

The CULTURS.guru shop features art, unique products, literature and more, specifically for a culturally mobile population.  Profits from the shop directly support the upcoming Istitute for Global Culture Research.

Some of our Partners:


  • meme agency, a full-service marketing agency with locations in Denver and Los Angeles.
  • Original artwork by artist, traveler and PhD candidate, Poland-based Ewa Wesolowska, MFA.
  • Original art, greeting cards and prints by culturally-and racially-blended celebrated artist, Los Angeles-based, Gorgio Tuscani.
  • The book, “One Day She’ll Darken,” by author and intercultural, Hawaii-based Fauna Hodel, whose story was developed into a feature film.
  •  Art and art-based products by Third Culture Kid and culturally-blended Miami-based celebrated artist Phil Fung, whose work has been featured by President Barack Obama and Vogue Magazine.
  •  Academy-Award short listed film short “The Road Home,” by Third Culture Kid and Global Nomad award-winning director, London-based Rahul Gandorta.
  •  Globally-distributed products from Simply Alive, created and developed by racially- and culturally-blended TCK, Military Brat and Global Nomad Northern Colorado-based Doni Luckutt.
  •  Custom-created diversity-inspired greeting cards by Denver-based Lia Nelson.
  •  Original award-winning film: “BRATS: Our Journey Home,” by TCK Military Brat Denver-based director Donna Musil.
  •  Original photography by music producer, photographer, artist and owner of the Meme Agency, Culture Marketing Guru, Denver-based Tommy McMillion.