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Tandem Nomads: Podcasting to Connect and Inspire Ex-Pat Partners

Amel Derragui thought her past nomadic experiences would equip her with all the skills she needed when she chose to follow her partner to a new country. However, she did not expect how her independence would be compromised, and found herself asking who she was outside of being a spouse.

She wanted to reach out to other ex-pat partners who were facing similar struggles, but wasn’t sure how to do it. A blog could work, but would a written-form medium convey the right amount of emotion? And a video channel — much too involved. But Derragui finally had her “aha” moment, while listening to her friend’s podcast on a train.

You can listen to the podcasts on Derragui’s website.

By: kelsey hatcher

Kelsey Hatcher is a video professional and content coordinator for CULTURS. An Alabamian, a Coloradoan, a would-be world traveler - let's just say it's complicated.