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The Cross-Cultural Journey of Ali Baluch: An MTV Associate Producer

His Twitter is full of raw thoughts, his podcast is full of laughter, and his presence is full of charisma. When he’s not co-hosting a podcast in front of a Zayn Malik poster, you can find him as an associate producer for MTV’s Ridiculousness. His name is Ali Baluch. He is a funny, insightful, always keeping up with the news kind of guy.

Although Baluch was born in Fairfax, Virginia, his parents moved to the United States from Afghanistan in the 80s. He admits his parents struggled adjusting to the move.

“As parents, they’ll sacrifice everything so that I can get the opportunities they couldn’t have,” said Baluch.

Well, the sacrifice was worth it. When Baluch was 21, he attended film school in Chicago. Upon graduation, he began exploring the realm of visual content creation. Film school was the ticket Baluch needed to morph him into the influencer he is today.

After interning for Nickelodeon in sunny California, his professional career really took off. His work ranges from comical to serious in an instant. If there’s something he’s really proud of, it’s his podcast. His eyes light up as soon as he mentions it. His podcast titled, “The Apartment,” is a space for diverse content creators to sit down and talk about their story. Baluch produces this podcast with his co-host Asif Ali. Almost 60,000 subscribers strong, the channel is a platform of hope and inspiration. “I want to show other kids of color that there are other people similar to them doing great things,” said Baluch.

He recognizes that in the United States there’s lack of representation in the entertainment industry.

“The main reason we started the podcast was I honestly believe that kids need heroes that look like them,” said Baluch. “We’re erased from America. We are not represented in media, in pictures, in film, or in music.”

Baluch acknowledges the problem, but believes his calling is to help find a solution. He suggests that more diverse people in the workplace will lead to richer and more diverse content.

However, regardless of the current state of affairs concerning race and diversity in America, Baluch remains hopeful. With all the chaos going on around him, the constant he’s always had in his life is content creation. In fact, he just finished wrapping up the tenth season of Ridiculousness with his team. His focus now, and always, is to remain knowledgeable and empower others to do the same.

“We all have privilege,” he said, “but how can we use that privilege to help others?”

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