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The Song of Our People: The Call to FIGT 2017

It’s that time again. I can hear the buzz, the excitement and the unbridled wishes for time to move forward a little more quickly. The Families in Global Transition (FIGT) conference is coming around the corner, and the call to the Netherlands beckons once again.

There are few opportunities for TCKs, CCKs, Expats, Global Nomads, and the rest of the highly mobile tribe to commune in one place. Although this opportunity is fleeting, it does exist.

In 2017 the Families In Global Transitions Conference will be held once again in Holland, this time — the Hague, and the theme for the conference is “Back to Basics.” At this point in time, the call for proposals have been submitted and we are all awaiting to hear who will be speaking, who will be the keynote speakers, and what the presentations will be this year.

If you weren’t at the conference last year, you’ll understand the anticipation I speak of. If you have never been to, or even heard of the FIGT Conference, allow me to introduce you. FIGT is the gathering place for the globally mobile. It’s where we gather, share, innovate, and learn from one another. Not only is the conference an incredible gathering place for us, but it’s also an incredible networking opportunity. Big names in the global identities world show up to share and experience the annual meeting of our ephemeral tribe.

By: Kenady Kay

Kay is a blogger and YouTuber who started her own channel, TCKay Rambles, in April 2016, she is stumbling through the technological age with the rest of us. She is an ATCK who has previously lived in Texas, Louisiana, Wyoming, Malaysia, and Egypt. Kenady writes about all things related to being a TCK from culture shock to hidden identities and global citizenship, she also features other TCK's and ATCK's to share their experiences too!