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VIDEO: Connecting Cultures through Dance: The Israel-Palestine Conflict – Part 3

In the third and final segment of this Cultures TV series talking to Kayla Banks on her “Eye for an Eye” dance piece, Culturs will discuss with Banks how connection is everywhere, especially in this piece.

“Eye for an Eye” represents connection beyond everyday experience, Banks said. It’s a worldly conflict that everyone is connect to. Banks herself is not from the Middle East but for some reason still feels connected to the conflict.

She believes it’s because it’s a worldly connection; we all live here and the media has also connected the world so much, Banks said.

“What’s beautiful about connection is that it’s mystical, it’s mysterious,” Banks said.

Connection is unexplainable because you don’t know who you’re going to meet at any given day and all relationships can be strong or easy. The piece brings to light how one person dancing can relate to this conflict.

The piece also describes a connection with the earth. The dance was filmed in an area where the dancer was completely isolated and surrounded by little other than the earth around her.

At Culturs, we hear stories from all over the world and connection is at the root of it all. We all live together on the earth and connection is constantly pulling us in.

By: Samantha Malpiedi

Samantha Malpiedi is a columnist for Culturs and is especially interested in current issues around the world that affect people and the way they make their livelihoods. Her cultural awareness education began at age fifteen when she traveled to five different countries including parts of Europe, Mexico and Kenya and ended in her time spent living in Chile at age 21. From these experiences she developed her love for travel and the appreciation for culture. As a duo-language speaker, she thrives in environments where communication spans cultures. Never complacent to stay in one place, her articles will interest anyone that might resonate with a restless nomad, hungry for a taste of travel.