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VIDEO: U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama’s take on Study Abroad

Here at Culturs, of course we’re all about global living.  For TCKs, this is a way of life that often includes study abroad when at University. Imagine our delight to find that the First Lady of the United States shares our sentiment!

“Studying abroad isn’t just a fun way to spend a semester, it is quickly becoming the key to success in our global economy. Because getting ahead in today’s workplace… is also about having real experience with the world beyond your borders. Experience with languages, cultures and societies very different than your own,” United States First Lady Michelle Obama.

In this video, the first lady emphasizes importance of living and studying in “each other’s” countries by immersing ourselves in others’ cultures, getting past divisive stereotypes, and sharing the global wealth of innovative ideas blossomed from cross-cultural friendships.

She goes on to say that this kind of diversity “truly will change the face of our relationships.”

Check out the video and get a peek of the values many Global Nomads, Military B.R.A.T.S and TCKs have known all their lives.


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