How Afro-Latino Sedrique Olison Embraces All of Himself

All the boys in his family have unique names — including titles. “Master Sedrique Lynn Von Olison,” he laughs. It’s an effortless, full-bodied diaphragmatic roar perfect for his towering six-foot-five frame, caramel skin and dazzling pearly whites. With a laugh as contagious as his personality, I found myself sunk, engulfed, all-in. And that’s Olison’s advice to you, as well.

Powerful Transgender Immigrant Film “Lupe” Premieres on HBO Max

“Lupe,” is a film festival darling and dual-language flick premiering on HBO Latino and HBO Max Feb. 26, 2021. The movie beautifully connects the intersecting and contrasting identities of its main character, Rafael. Played by Rafael Albarrán, Rafael is a Cuban immigrant who struggles with transgender identity. Rafael also is on the hunt for their missing sister in New York City’s underground sex industry.


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